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General Lectures

Anderman Photography Lecture: John Chiara

San Francisco-based photographer John Chiara describes his work as  part photography, part sculpture and part event.  He uses a custom-built large format camera, which fits on a flatbed trailer, to make large-scale unique color photographs of the landscape and built environment. Chiara responds to the quality of the light in each chosen location and using composition and color creates images that represent the spirit of the place depicted.

Looking at British Art

From lustrous satin fabrics and lace collars to theatrical storytelling and scenes of everyday life, the paintings in Treasures of British Art are a feast for the eyes and imagination. Using the exhibition as a springboard, teaching specialist Molly Medakovich will shed light on the broad context of the British art world from the 1500s through the 1800s and explore multiple "looking tools" for savoring the works on view.


Image Credit: Angelica Kauffman (Swiss, 1741-1807), Papirius Praetextatus Entreated by His Mother to Disclose the Secrets of the Deliberations of the Roman Senate, about 1775-1780. Oil paint on canvas, 24 1/16 in (diameter). Promised Gift of the Berger Collection Educational Trust, TL-17722.

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