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Quang Ho and Daniel Sprick Studio Visit

Contemporary realist painter Daniel Sprick produces meticulously executed portraits and figurative compositions whose muted palettes and sense of stillness encourage slow contemplation. His paintings feature a range of subjects, from still lifes of flowers and unlikely assortments of objects to interiors and urban and pastoral scenes. A diverse range of men, women, and youth populate his portraits and figurative works; taken together, they reflect a rich and encompassing view of humanity.  I m interested in all walks of life, everyone,  the artist once explained about his choice of subjects.  Some that may be considered conventionally beautiful and others that may not, and everyone in between.  In his still lifes, which recall those of the Dutch and Flemish traditions, Sprick brings together the sumptuous including silver tableware and starched white tablecloths and the mundane, such as tin cans and old bottles, in elegant, harmoniously balanced arrangements.

Quang Ho is more interested in finding truth in the mundane details of his immediate environment than in searching the world for preconceived artistic content. His diverse subject matter ranges from still lifes, landscapes, and interiors, to dancers and figures.  Realism and abstract it s all the same to me,  he has said.  The real essence of painting is the dialogue between shapes, tones, colors, textures, edges, and line. Everything else follows including light, form, concepts, personal beliefs, and inspirations.  Working primarily in oils, Ho is not tethered to any particular mode of expression; a single painting may be a color study, another a formal arrangement, and yet another an exploration of texture and surface.

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