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Monet Course, Session 3 - A Change of Scenery: Monet's Travels

Among the Impressionists, Monet was perhaps the most well-traveled. Whether vacationing in France or venturing further afield, the artist   with paintbrush in hand   found inspiration in the natural scenery and visual stimuli he encountered along the way. As we revel in Monet's captivating images of Venice, Norway, London, the Mediterranean, and the Normandy coast, we ll consider why Monet chose these destinations and how a change of scenery challenged his artistic practice. While he made these views his own through innovative pictorial strategies, his careful editing of the field of vision removed many signs of an emerging tourism industry. Behind these artful omissions lie a quickly changing landscape of leisure and an evolving modern notion of a return to nature.

Presented by Molly Medakovich, Ph.D., art historian and Denver Art Museum teaching specialist.

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