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A Survey of Contemporary Native Women Artists

Today's contemporary Native women artists bring forth strong visions in their works of art. Their visual creations challenge ongoing assumptions of what constitutes Indigenous art or even indigeneity itself, while contributing to and improving global conversations. Whether the artists emulate the control and discipline of Lakhóta beadwork, like Dyani White Hawk, or they embrace the playful nature of storytelling, like Julie Buffalohead, Native women artists expand the very definition of art and challenge the colonial structures these definitions are predicated upon. Join Dakota Hoska, assistant curator of Native arts, to explore the expertise, insights, and compelling works of these and many other accomplished Native women artists.

This lecture is part of the Denver Art Museum's summer series, "An Inside Look: A Series of Curator Talks."  Please visit for more information and to register for more lectures.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 6:00 PM - 736 Remaining
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