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Bundle Dyeing

One-day workshop.

Students will learn bundle dyeing techniques with fun and unique natural materials from the kitchen. Bundle dyeing is perfect for somebody who enjoys creating spontaneous, abstract artworks. Students will learn the basic process of natural dyeing first. We will mordant silk with alum and then we dye fabrics together. We will have iron bath to darken colors as well.

No previous experience of natural dyeing is necessary at all. This class is more like an experiment for students to learn which kind of colors would stick on to fabrics from natural materials. The educator, Maki Teshima, will demonstrate natural materials from Japan and from all over the world.

Materials: Most materials will be provided by the educator and are reflected in the $26 materials fee associated with this class. Soy bonded cotton fabric will be provided. Students will purchase the remaining materials on their own.

Educator: Maki Teshima,

Additional Notes: A Materials Fee of $26 is included in the pricing of this class for provided materials.

Saturday, October 08, 2022 - 10:00 AM - 2 Remaining
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