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Bio Art

This 4-week class combines art history and experimentation to explore the emerging movement of Bio Art. Rooted in environmental concerns and science, Bio Art can range from working with natural materials to manipulating DNA. Students will be introduced to "Agar Art" which involves cultivating bacteria, to working with seeds and grasses, and will be encouraged to explore mediums through a conceptual and research-based lens. Participants will learn new ways to look at art, represented in the DAM's collection by artists like Ernesto Neto and Karen Kitchel.

No prior technical knowledge or specific experience is required, though a sense of curiosity and willingness to experiment will be richly rewarded. Students will experiment with a new material each week, that may culminate in a finished artwork if they wish. The DAM's Sensory garden will be a focal point of the class, and each class will feature both a lecture along with hands-on experimentation and art-making time.



Class 1: What is BioArt, anyway? Collage-making.

Class 2: Lecture on mycology and mushrooms and their use by artists. Making spore-prints outdoors.

Class 3: Lecture on "Nature Shopping" and a tour of the DAM Sensory Garden. Then, making art with found materials along with a variety of seeds.

Class 4: Lecture on Bacteria Art and playing with microscopes. Students will culture their own agar plates to take home and watch their art grow.


Materials: Some materials will be provided by the educator and are reflected in the $18 materials fee associated with this class. Students will purchase the remainder of materials on their own.

Educator: Lauri Lynnxe Murphy,

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - 6:00 PM - 6 Remaining
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