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4 Week | Collage: Embellishing for Dramatic Effect

Class Description:

In this class, students will learn various collage techniques that focus on manipulating materials to tell stories. During each session, students will create layers and nuance to describe emotions, sequences of events, and the complexities of memories. As the class progresses, students will create scrap buckets full of self-made embellishments. As a culminating project, students will arrange their scraps into a collage and share their stories with the group.

What to Expect:

Students will walk away from classes with new strategies for exploring visual narratives and evaluating conversations introduced by artworks from the museum's galleries. By the end of the class, students will have clear ideas about creating unique embellishments in their personal artwork and how to develop collages with a unique approach to materials.


Week 1 – Texture

• Gallery Walk - Participants will explore galleries to look at the different ways artists are using texture in their work to emphasize ideas or focal points.

• Activity - Will use materials to create different textures.

Week 2 – Color

• Gallery Walk - Participants will view galleries to explore color and the different ways artists use color in their work to establish moods or emotions.

• Activity - Artists will develop color studies to go with their story boards.

Week 3 – Images

• Gallery Walk – Participants will view art in galleries to explore the ways artists use imagery to tell stories. Key questions are: “How do artists establish a narrative?” “How are artists using what is familiar to connect with an audience?”

• Activity – Artists will deconstruct found images and manipulate the visual of the images to create something new and lively in support of their story board.

Week 4 – Assembling Collages

• Gallery Walk - Participants will walk through galleries to explore the different ways compositions come together to form a final work of art.

• Activity – Assemble shadow boxes to tell a story or describe a sentiment of experience.

Class Cancellation Policy:

If a class or workshop needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness, a “make-up” day will be scheduled on a FRIDAY or SATURDAY as the educator’s schedule allows.


Students will purchase their own materials and should expect to spend $20-60.


Moe Gram is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Denver and uses a diverse array of media inluding painting, mural, collage, and installation. Gram graduated from California State University Bakersfield with a major in Visual Arts and a minor in Cultural Studies. Currently, Gram's art can be seen in murals throughout Colorado, an installation at the Denver Art Museum's Creative Hub, at the Acoma House in room 204, and at various locations throughout the Denver metro area. Through her playful color palette, messaging, and juxtaposition of unique embellishments and found objects, Moe’s work encourages the viewer to absorb and reflect- for the betterment of oneself and collectively for us all.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 - 6:00 PM - 2 Remaining
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