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1-Day Workshop | Sound Healing: The Power of Sound (8/17)

Class Description:

This class will focus on sound as a healing force through cross-cultural perspectives. Students will learn about meditation and sound bathing with the use of various musical instruments. Breathing techniques and body movements for healing will also be explored. Students will investigate how sound can be used in everyday life to release stress and to calm the body and mind.


What to Expect:

Students can expect to find a deeper understanding of how sound can help to heal the body and mind. No prior knowledge needed. The beginning of class will focus on discussion of the musical instruments used to help us heal. Then, we will experience sound bathing and meditation as a group. Time in galleries will explore instruments used in ceremonial practices and as healing tools by our ancestors. Lastly, students will be led through yoga positions, breath work, and mantras for healing.


Class Cancellation Policy:

If a class or workshop needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness, a “make-up” day will be scheduled on a FRIDAY or SATURDAY as the educator’s schedule allows.






Cal Duran is an artist and art educator focusing on connecting with his ancestors from an Indigenous and Latinx background. His work often explores parallels between hybrid identities found in myth, religion, and ritual. Duran has shown altars, installations and artwork in museums and galleries throughout the Denver Metro area and beyond. He continues to honor his ancestors and recently created a room at Meow Wolf in Denver, honoring the indigenous tribes of Colorado and the Americas.

Thursday, October 17, 2024 - 10:00 AM - 8 Remaining
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