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Asian Art Association

Experiencing Embodied Sonic Meditation through Body, Voice, & Multimedia Arts-Dr. Jiayue Cecilia Wu

Sponsored by Curator's Circle & Asian Art Association.

This talk situates its analysis on body-mind connections through music, mediation technology, and Tibetan contemplative arts. Rooted in the richness of Tibetan culture, embodied cognition, and  deep listening,  Embodied Sonic Meditation practice invites new ways of using sensorimotor coupling through auditory feedback to create novel artistic expressions and to deepen our sonic awareness and engagement in the world. Three multimedia pieces Mandala, Tibetan Singing Prayer Wheel, and Resonance of the Heart will be introduced as proof-of-concept case studies.

Originally from Beijing, Jiayue Cecilia Wu is an assistant professor of Recording Art at the University of Colorado Denver. During 2000-2010, Cecilia worked as a professional musician for Universal Music Group and EMI Record. In 2013, Cecilia obtained her master's degree in Music from Stanford University, where she focused on computer-assisted composition. In 2018, Cecilia obtained her Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California Santa Barbara. Her research interest focuses on the healing power of music and how music technology can augment this powerful force. Cecilia's music has been performed in China, Southeastern Asia, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Europe.

Following Dr. Wu's fascinating talk the Asian art department's Curator's Circle and Asian Art Association support group will jointly sponsor a reception and holiday party.

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