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General Admission

Free Days

Enjoy free general admission for all! Engage with art, explore onsite activities and experience exhibitions on view all while enjoying free general admission.

  • Tuesday, April 12 (10am - 9pm)
  • Sunday, April 24 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, May 10 (10am - 9pm)
  • Sunday, June 5 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, June 14 (10am - 9pm)
  • Tuesday, July 12 (10am - 9pm)
  • Sunday, July 31 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, August 9 (10am - 9pm)
  • Saturday, September 10 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, September 13 (10am - 9pm)
  • Tuesday, October 11 (10am - 9pm)
  • Saturday, November 5 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, November 8 (10am - 9pm)
  • Tuesday, December 13 (10am - 9pm)
  • Saturday, November 5 (10am - 5pm)
  • Tuesday, November 8 (10am - 9pm)
  • Tuesday, December 13 (10am - 9pm)

General Admission - Untimed Entry

Please select the date you would like to visit the Denver Art Museum. Your tickets will be valid for the entire day.

Sensory Friendly Morning

The museum's Sensory Friendly Morning program is a chance for kids with neurodiversity or sensory processing disorders and their families to visit the museum in a safe and fun way. The museum will open early, dim the lights, and provide tools to aid and guide a sensory friendly experience for the whole family.

This Sensory-Friendly Morning will feature the newly reopened Martin Building's galleries, Learning and Engagement Center, Creative Hub, Sensory Garden, art making activities, and McNicholas Miniature Therapy Horses.



Untitled: Creative Fusions

Untitled: Creative Fusions is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, artmaking, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere.



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