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Lectures and Talks

Armor in Application

Medieval and Renaissance armor is iconic – evoking power, virtue and nostalgia. Armor’s fundamental purpose, however, was to protect the wearer, and armor evolved through the centuries to meet challenges found on battlefields and in tournaments. Knights and other men at arms trained specific techniques to best utilize their armor, and to overcome armor worn by others. These techniques were preserved in manuscripts written to aid in the instruction of these fighters.

Today, modern martial artists are reviving these techniques, studying historical fight manuals and using replicas of historical weapons and suits of armor. Join Douglas Wagner, Denver curator of the Age of Armor exhibition, and other members of the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild - a Denver-area school practicing historical European martial arts, as they demonstrate a selection of armored combat techniques and offer insights into the historical context surrounding them.

Image © J. E. Bark Fine Art Photography.

Behind the Camera: Women in Photography ONSITE

It's a summer of photography! Join us in a three-session course inspired by Modern Women/Modern Vision and Georgia O Keeffe, Photographer. With local art historians and photographers as guides, learn how women have contributed to the development and evolution of photography. Journey to the 1800s to discover women s early involvement in the medium, take a peek into the DAM s own collections, and meet photographers who continue to shape the field today.


Individual onsite sessions:

Tuesday, May 17: Early Women Photographers

Tuesday, June 21: Making Pictures: Women Photographers from the DAM Collection

Tuesday, July 19: Women Photographers Here and Now


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