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CultureHaus, the Denver Art Museum's young philanthropist group, inspires and cultivates the next generation of arts patrons.


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CultureHaus Membership

CultureHaus is a social and educational gateway to the Denver Art Museum that connects the "young at heart" with art. CultureHaus celebrates the Denver Art Museum's collections and programs by making them accessible to new art fans and longtime art lovers.


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Paint like Zombies with Colorado Artist William Stoher

Come get in the Halloween spirit with CultureHaus and paint like zombies! Join us Saturday, October 26th in Boulder for an intimate studio tour and hands-on painting collaboration with internationally recognized artist William Stoehr. (Halloween treats, both boozy and non, will be provided of course).

After 40 years mapping the world, ultimately for National Geographic, William Stoehr retired to become a full time artist. Stoehr describes his method as painting "like a zombie". Working freely, Stoehr pours, drips, brushes, scrubs and scrapes paint on his canvases to create portraits that are both unique and eye-catching.

Much of his work focuses on the human condition and he uses live models to create his portraits. He explores intolerance, discrimination, addiction, violence and war with its victims, witnesses and survivors. The artist focuses on exploiting the shared gaze, "we are drawn to eyes. I want you to feel like my subjects are staring into your soul". He often paints facial features slightly out of alignment or vaguely different expressions for each side of the face. These variations might make his images come to life as memories, and prior experiences affect your perception. It is this shared gaze and uncertain context that provoke the viewer into creating a narrative. "If I create ambiguity with abstraction and a few naturalistic cues then maybe you create reality. That is because you complete the image, you create the narrative, and you project your own emotions. You will do a better job with your own perfect mental image than I can. The message is your message to create."

Stoehr's work is exhibited here in Denver at Space Gallery as well as internationally at universities, art centers, museums and galleries including a recent exhibit in London and an upcoming exhibition in Kuwait. See his work at and follow him on instagram at @wlstoehr.


This event will take place in central Boulder, Colorado (exact address will be sent to RSVP guests prior to the event).

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