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Gain new artist insight and get an insider's take on works of art.

Artful Living: Embracing Nature - 5/19

Artful Living brings art into our everyday lives. In this workshop, experience Biophilia: Nature Reimagined with the body, senses, and imagination. Spend time in the exhibition with Donna Mejia (CU theater professor and Renée Crown Wellness Institute faculty fellow), interacting with artworks through mind and body. Then, join Quána Madison (multi-disciplinary artist, healing arts workshop facilitator, and well-being advocate) in the studio for a hands-on artmaking activity (no arts experience necessary). Along the way we’ll ask: What is the language of our bodies? How do our bodies encounter nature? How can we rethink our relationship with nature? How does nature inspire us?

Spring Course 2024: Why Do We Art? Exploring the Role Art Plays in Our Lives

We take art for granted but what purposes does it serve? What roles does it play in our lives and societies and, if these have changed over time, how? In this three-session course, join Giulia Bernardini, art historian and founder of art travel company Wonderfeast, to explore the place art occupies in our world and what the questions we ask about it ultimately tell us about ourselves. With the gallery as our playground, optional reading and viewing materials at hand, and lively group discussion, this participatory experience will leave attendees with a new perspective on the question: Why Do We Art?

Giulia Bernardini holds master’s degrees in art history and in museum studies and is a regular guest lecturer on Italian Renaissance and Baroque art as well as the Parisian Belle Époque. She is the founder of Wonderfeast, a boutique art travel company that specializes in unforgettable on-site seminars in her native Europe for small groups of inquisitive art-, food-, and culture-lovers.

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