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CultureHaus is a social and educational gateway to the Denver Art Museum that connects the "young at heart" with art. CultureHaus celebrates the Denver Art Museum's collections and programs by making them accessible to new art fans and longtime art lovers.


You must be a current Denver Art Museum member in order to join CultureHaus.

Flowers of the Plains: The Beadwork of Plains Indians

Plains Indian floral beadwork features exuberantly varied shapes, colors, and motifs, but can you identify what tribe particular designs come from? Artist Tom Haukaas will explore examples of Plains beadwork and the characteristics that historically distinguished classic styles of one tribe from another. He’ll also discuss the identity of some of the flowers depicted and how commercial patterns appear in Native designs. In addition Haukaas will show contemporary examples by today’s master artists from the Plains.


Tom Haukaas is a highly acclaimed Lakota bead artist known for his pictorial beadwork. He is currently DAM’s Native Arts Artist-in-Residence focusing on floral beadwork as a part of DAM’s summer of flowers.


Note: This event will be held in Schlessman Hall, please enter through the North building's main entrance on Acoma Plaza.


Tickets are $5 for Douglas Society members, $10 for DAM members, $12 others, free for students with ID.


Sponsored by the Douglas Society, a DAM support group.

Flower Painting and Insect Metamorphosis: The Art of Maria Sibylla Merian

The lecture examines the colorful and dynamic still life paintings made by the 17th-century German artist Maria Sibylla Merian. Featuring botanicals and insect metamorphosis from Northern Europe and South America, the talk introduces the artwork of an important precursor to the Impressionists. In Merian’s era, scientific discoveries were fueled by the quest to find and depict flora and fauna previously unknown in Europe. Merian’s explorations took her to the Dutch colony of Suriname in South America, where, at the age of 52, she was the first to study insect transformation of this foreign land. The lecture traces geographical and scientific explorations, artistic innovations, and great entrepreneurial efforts of this remarkable woman.

Asian Art Association Wed @ Noon: Last Empress in Qipao: from Manchu to China Chic

Author and curator Sally Yu Leung will explore the origins and modern-day interpretation of the qipao (Mandarin gown/cheongsam) through the influence of last Chinese Empress, Wanrong. Though an opium addict whose marriage to the Emperor Puyi at age 16 created a scandal, stylish and modern Wanrong led fashion in the elevation of a peripheral and bourgeois article of clothing to a global fashion icon.

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