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Lectures and Talks

Behind the Camera: Women in Photography ONSITE

It's a summer of photography! Join us in a three-session course inspired by Modern Women/Modern Vision and Georgia O Keeffe, Photographer. With local art historians and photographers as guides, learn how women have contributed to the development and evolution of photography. Journey to the 1800s to discover women s early involvement in the medium, take a peek into the DAM s own collections, and meet photographers who continue to shape the field today.


Individual onsite sessions:

Tuesday, May 17: Early Women Photographers

Tuesday, June 21: Making Pictures: Women Photographers from the DAM Collection

Tuesday, July 19: Women Photographers Here and Now


Insight: In Dialogue: Indigenous Voices in the Galleries

Join museum staff and council members in a conversation about what this collaboration looked like, from contributing to community voice videos and labels, consulting on the accuracy of content, and developing big ideas in the Home/Land section.

Insight: Mission Impossible - Planning for the New Galleries

If you think renovating your bathroom or kitchen is a complex process, imagine what it looked like for a seven-floor, 146,000-square foot museum building. Meet the team who played a key role in organizing and overseeing the new galleries, from drawings to reality.

From preparing for the undertaking (trotting the globe with fellow staff in search of inspiration from other museums, collaborating with nearly every department of the DAM, coordinating the movement of artworks, working with designers, and more) to the many surprises and triumphs as it all unfolded, they'll answer the question that's on all our minds...How in the world did they pull it off?Walk away with a new appreciation for the many hands and all that went into planning and execution, from individual galleries to the entire building.


Made in China: Islamic Art for Chinese Muslims

Join us for this talk with Qamar Adamjee, a lecturer at Rutgers University, New Jersey and a former curator of Islamic and Indian art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, where she will share her findings on a new research subject that explores objects made in China for local Muslim users.


Qamar Adamjee is a lecturer at Rutgers University, New Jersey and a former curator of Islamic and Indian art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Adamjee's research interests revolve around artworks produced in the interstices of cultural traditions and in the artistic and intellectual worlds of the people who made or used them. She has organized exhibitions and published on a range of subjects and artistic mediums, including Islamic, Hindu and Sikh art; Indian paintings and sculpture; 19th-century photography, painting, and prints.

Through Another Lens: Georgia O'Keeffe's Photography

The pathbreaking artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887–1986) is revered for her iconic paintings of flowers, skyscrapers, animal skulls, and Southwestern landscapes. Her photographic work, however, has not been explored in depth until now. This exhibition is the first major investigation of O’Keeffe’s photography and traces the artist’s thirty-year exploration of the medium.

Join exhibition curator Lisa Volpe as she will discuss O’Keeffe’s relationship to photography, her personal use of the medium, the research that brought these images to light, and the discoveries still waiting to be made.

Women Photographers Here and Now - ONSITE

In the final course session, get to know Denver-area photographers, gaining insight into their creative practices and innovative visions. In this panel discussion, we’ll learn more about their work and ask how they see themselves in this rich continuum of women in the field

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