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Lectures and Talks

A Talk by Fazal Sheikh

Photographer Fazal Sheikh will speak about his recent work in the Four Corners region and at the Great Salt Lake, in connection with his exhibition Fazal Sheikh: Thirst   Exposure   In Place. His photographs address the consequences of industrial land use, engage questions about water use and climate change, and reflect on the ongoing relationship between people and nature. Sheikh will discuss the origin of each series, his immersion in the landscapes and communities he photographed, and his collaborations with writers, scientists, and Indigenous community members that are woven throughout this work.

Logan Lecture: Alyson Shotz

Widely known for her gravity-defying, experimental sculptures, Alyson Shotz explores issues of perception, space, and time. Inspired by physics, optical effects, and mathematics, Shotz creates sculptures that ignite the senses to reveal phenomena and universalizing forces that give shape to the natural world. Listen as Shotz discusses her work at the intersection of art, science, and the sublime.

This lecture is presented by the Modern and Contemporary Art department.

Logan Lecture: Dyani White Hawk

2023 MacArthur Fellow Dyani White Hawk (Si?á??u Lakota) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis. Her practice, strongly rooted in painting and beadwork, extends into sculpture, installation, video, and performance, reflecting upon cross-cultural experiences through the amalgamation of influences from Lakota and Euro-American abstraction.

Join Rory Padeken, Vicki and Kent Logan Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, in conversation with Dyani White Hawk about her dynamic practice of bringing Indigenous traditions of abstraction into a contemporary context. White Hawk’s Untitled (Quiet Strength, II) (2017) is currently on view in the Hamilton building on the fourth floor.

This lecture is presented jointly by the departments of Modern and Contemporary Art and Native Arts.

Since 2007, the Logan Lecture Series at the Denver Art Museum has presented talks by over 120 contemporary artists. Organized by the Modern and Contemporary Art department, the series is made possible through the generous support of Vicki and Kent Logan.

Logan Lecture: Sandra Monterroso

Through video performances and woven works, Sandra Monterroso explores the dynamics of Indigenous identity and culture in a postcolonial world. Monterroso specifically considers women’s work and sacrifice in a post-civil war Guatemala. An artist of Maya Q’eqchi descent, her practice is further informed by Maya cosmology and incorporates her understanding of the world as it is now, highly interconnected and spiritual.

Join Victoria I. Lyall, the Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator of Arts of the Ancient Americas, in conversation with Sandra Monterroso about her practice. Monterroso’s work, Colorando las Hebras (2011) and Decolorando las Hebras (2011), are currently on view in the Martin building on the fourth floor.

This lecture is presented jointly by the departments of the Ancient Arts of the Americas and Modern and Contemporary Art.

Logan Lecture: Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

Raised in a Catholic family, Berlin-based artist Sandra Vásquez de la Horra grew up in Chile during the repressive Pinochet regime. Ideas of healing and deconstructing taboos course throughout her drawing practice, which feature recurring motifs such as words, mountains, volcanoes, and silhouettes of human bodies. Known for her articulate poetry and artistic experimentation with words, Vásquez de la Horra creates artworks that move between the absurd and the affirmation of affection and pleasure.

Join Raphael Fonseca, curator of modern and contemporary Latin American Art, in conversation with Sandra Vásquez de la Horra about her practice and her solo exhibition The Awake Volcanoes at the DAM. Vásquez de la Horra’s Las cordilleras encontradas (The found Mountain Ranges)is currently on view on level 3 of the Hamilton Building.

This lecture is presented jointly by the departments of Latin American Art and Modern and Contemporary Art.

Spring Course 2024: Why Do We Art? Exploring the Role Art Plays in Our Lives

We take art for granted but what purposes does it serve? What roles does it play in our lives and societies and, if these have changed over time, how? In this three-session course, join Giulia Bernardini, art historian and founder of art travel company Wonderfeast, to explore the place art occupies in our world and what the questions we ask about it ultimately tell us about ourselves. With the gallery as our playground, optional reading and viewing materials at hand, and lively group discussion, this participatory experience will leave attendees with a new perspective on the question: Why Do We Art?

Giulia Bernardini holds master’s degrees in art history and in museum studies and is a regular guest lecturer on Italian Renaissance and Baroque art as well as the Parisian Belle Époque. She is the founder of Wonderfeast, a boutique art travel company that specializes in unforgettable on-site seminars in her native Europe for small groups of inquisitive art-, food-, and culture-lovers.

Why Do We Art? Session 1: What Is Art?

In this first course session, explore the many reasons for which humans have made, and continue to make, objects we refer to as art. How has this remained the same and how has it changed over time and what does this mean for us today?

Why Do We Art? Session 2: The Business of Art

Aside from the illegal drug market, art is considered the biggest unregulated market in the world. What does it mean that a piece of canvas with paint on it can be sold for the equivalent of a small country’s GDP or that art dealers bid in auctions to drive up the value of the artists whose work they represent?

Why Do We Art? Session 3: Demystifying/Remystifying

Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein famously stated, “Art doesn’t transform. It just plain forms.” Where does the mystique surrounding art come from and what does it mean? Is it a vehicle for transcendence or is it a mirror we hold up to better see ourselves?

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