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Creative Classes

Ghost, Shadow, Trace: Imaging the World

This 4-week course will focus on the concept of the trace: the footprint left in the sand, the sunt an line of a watch left on the wearer's wrist, fallen leaves that imprint themselves on the sidewalk, and more. A trace is the image left behind by the presence of a person or an object. In most instances, that person or object touched the paper or substrate that retains their image.

Using cyanotypes (blueprint camera-less photographs), drawings of shadows, rubbings of objects (frottage), painting with objects as stencils, and impressions of objects as stamps (lipstick kisses, fruit prints, and more), we will explore how to make images of the world through the traces that people and things leave behind.

Each class will begin with a discussion of a short reading and a presentation with examples of artists and their works utilizing trace imagery. After a demonstration of techniques and a set of directed exercises, students will create final works with the ideas and methods we learn about the trace. Come prepared to discover an alternative form of looking at and imaging the world!



Class 1: History of the trace image and camera-less photography

Class 2: Silhouettes and tracing shadows in art

Class 3: Rubbings/frottage in art

Class 4: Using objects as stencils and stamps (including collagraphs)

Materials: Cyanotype/sunprint paper will be provided for students and is included in the materials fee of $8 for this class. Students will purchase the remainder of the materials on their own.

Educator: Genevieve Waller,



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