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Creative Classes

Acrylic Painting with Mediums

6-week class.

In this class, students will learn how to create artworks with acrylic paint and utilizing various mediums. Students will learn how to build up texture, work colors together, and use alternative mediums. We will reference European and American Art Before 1900 to explore color and layering of materials.

During class time, the instructor will provide demonstrations, lectures, and work time for students. Students will experiment with new processes with the instructor present to offer assistance. Primarily finished artworks will be produced, with some experimental unfinished pieces. Students do not need any prior technical knowledge.


Class 1  Introduction to various methods of painting with acrylic mediums, starting a painting, building up a surface

Class 2  Heavy body painting, building up a surface, impasto

Class 3  Embedding objects into paints, building texture on each piece

Class 4  Painting acrylic skins

Class 5  Creative Project with Mediums/experimentation

Class 6  Creative project with mediums/experimentation

Materials: Students will purchase their own materials for this class.

Educator: Samara Johnson,


Bundle Dyeing

One-day workshop.

Students will learn bundle dyeing techniques with fun and unique natural materials from the kitchen. Bundle dyeing is perfect for somebody who enjoys creating spontaneous, abstract artworks. Students will learn the basic process of natural dyeing first. We will mordant silk with alum and then we dye fabrics together. We will have iron bath to darken colors as well.

No previous experience of natural dyeing is necessary at all. This class is more like an experiment for students to learn which kind of colors would stick on to fabrics from natural materials. The educator, Maki Teshima, will demonstrate natural materials from Japan and from all over the world.

Materials: Most materials will be provided by the educator and are reflected in the $26 materials fee associated with this class. Soy bonded cotton fabric will be provided. Students will purchase the remaining materials on their own.

Educator: Maki Teshima,

Additional Notes: A Materials Fee of $26 is included in the pricing of this class for provided materials.

Everything Under the Sun

6-week class.

This class will examine concepts of light through a variety of media. We will explore what it means to live and create as solar beings, in the gravity and thrall of celestial bodies. Through camera-less photography, we will take a multifaceted view of natural and artificial light, reconsidering the way that we interact with objects and the world around us. We will explore patterns and shapes made by objects alive and dead, objects organic and man-made, objects rendered recognizable and unrecognizable. Our explorations together will evolve into multidimensional, multiscale works as the weeks unfold, with an emphasis on the group pushing itself to test the limits of each of the media we will use.

No prior technical knowledge is required for this class. The class will be broken up into sections of different media with thorough introductions of each medium and viewing of artworks. Students will be focused initially on small experiments, which we hope to incorporate into more experimental, integrated works by the end. With a limited amount of class time each week, we will repeat and return to media and activities so students can legitimately explore the possibilities of a medium and gain some mastery.



Class 1 - Proto-photographic processes

Class 2 – Cyanotype experiments

Class 3 – Screening of “Mothlight” by Stan Brakhage, and painting on film.

Class 4 – Proto-photographic magic lanterns and filmic processes

Class 5 - Film media studio day

Class 6 - Stacey Steers' "Night Hunter" discussion.


Materials: Students will purchase their own materials for this class.

Educator: Common Name Farm (Noelle Trueheart & Phil Cordelli),

Inspired Poetry

4-week class.

Both beginner and professional writers often agree that the most daunting part of the writing process is sitting and staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what to write, or how to start. In this class we’ll replace the blank screen with works of art from the Denver Art Museum, and allow what we see to inspire and inform our work as we create a collection of poetry.

This class will be a mix of learning the skills of writing poetry (form, rhyme, metaphor, alliteration, language, etc.), and getting out into the museum to free write and create. Each class will focus on a different aspect of poetry and explore a different exhibit of the museum. By the end of the class, each poet will have a minimum of four poems in their poetry collection. Both beginner and experienced writers are welcome!



Class 1: First Half: In the classroom. Intro to poetry. Skills focus: Setting and form.

Second Half: In the galleries: Paintings (focusing on lush poetic settings). Time to share and receive feedback if desired.

Class 2: First Half: In the classroom: Skills focus: Character and language.

Second Half: In the galleries: Fashion. Time to share and receive feedback if desired.

Class 3: First Half: In the classroom. Skills focus: Personification and language continued. Second Half: In the galleries: Objects. Time to share and receive feedback if desired.

Class 4: First Half: In the classroom. Skills focus: Storytelling, Sharing your work. Second Half: In the galleries: Writer’s choice. Time to share and receive feedback, wrap up.


Materials: Students will purchase all their own materials for this class.

Educator: Jenny Stafford,

Lasting Gestures: Painting and Movement

This 4-week class explores the relationship between painting and movement as acts of creative expression utilizing the artist’s body. Using acrylic paint, watercolor, canvas, and paper, participants will discover how to combine motion and painting into a single artwork. Connections will be made to performance documentation works and action paintings in the Denver Art Museum collection through gallery visits and digital images.


Each class will begin with a discussion of one action painting (e.g., Elaine de Kooning’s 1959 Bullfight) or one performance documentation work (e.g., Ana Teresa Fernández's 2015 Erasure 4) that inspires full body gestures like jumping, spinning, and dancing. The chosen artwork will serve as the gateway into a demonstration of techniques and activities, including motion painting prompts, painting while moving, and group reflections on the traces of movement seen in paintings.


Each week participants can expect:

1. To learn about the connection between painting and movement art;

2. To be guided through different forms of movement in painting as individuals;

3. To action paint collectively on a large-scale;

4. and, to celebrate and discuss the group’s accomplishments of the day.



Class 1: View and discuss Elaine de Kooning’s Bullfight (1959) and action paintings, practice action painting

Class 2: View and discuss Ana Teresa Fernández's Erasure 4 (2015) and performance, discuss difference between action painting and performance, practice painting while moving

Class 3: Visit and discuss Disruption and Curious Visions exhibitions with a focus on artworks that inspire movement, finish works from classes 1 and 2

Class 4: Action paint collectively on a large-scale canvas


Materials: Students will purchase all materials on their own.


Educator: Mary Grace Bernard,

LED Circuit Bracelet

One-day workshop.

Ever wanted something flashy on your wrist? Join us for this one-day workshop, and create your very own bracelet with LEDs. Students will sew a simple soft circuit, and then decorate it with felt embellishments. Learn a simple soft circuit and create something you can leave wearing!

In this one-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of creating a soft circuit. We will create a soft circuit with a snap as a switch, to create a bracelet that lights up when it is closed around your wrist. Each participant will stitch their soft circuit and then decorate their bracelet.

Materials: Some materials will be provided and are reflected in a $7 materials fee included in the pricing for this class. Students will purchase the remaining materials on their own.

Educator: Sasha de Koninck,

Additional Notes: A Materials Fee of $7 is included in the pricing of this class for provided materials.

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