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Creative Classes

Inputs: Responsive Materials

In this 4-week class, students will learn the basics of tapestry weaving, creating woven switches, and soft circuits. Students will design and weave their own tapestry woven with conductive yarn, and use it to control LEDs.

Students will create small experiments in this class, culminating in a finished tapestry, with conductive yarns woven throughout, that can control up to 10 LEDs. Students do not need to have any prior technical knowledge, although any experience with weaving or electronic textiles will be helpful, but not required. This is a beginner lever class that will introduce students to tapestry weaving techniques, different woven switches, and how to create soft circuits.



Class 1: Intro to soft circuits and LEDS. Students will create a simple soft circuit with an LED, a soft switch, and a battery.

Class 2: Intro to tapestry weaving. Students will learn several different tapestry weaving techniques.

Class 3: Weaving our switches. This week the focus will be on weaving our tapestries, and integrating conductive yarns to create soft switches.

Class 4: Creating our circuits. This week will focus on stitching the soft circuits, and connecting our weavings to the circuits.


Materials: Some materials will be provided and are reflected in a $16 materials fee included in the pricing for this class. Students will purchase the remainder of materials on their own.

Educator: Sasha de Koninck,

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