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AAA & CC LS: Joomchi: The Art of Paper Felting Anew

To artist Sammy Seung-min Lee balancing two modes of art making: one is book binding, and the other is joomchi, a traditional Korean technique of beating papers to create collages, mimics the symmetry of life. Both processes involve paper and are intensely time consuming – book making requires 3D engineering, building maquettes, and fabricating multiples; joomchi calls for equally laborious hours of pounding and kneading to record creases, crinkles, and lines in layers of papers. However, narratives are “written” and “bound” in book making, while stories are “released” and “deconstructed” in joomchi works. Through the materiality of paper, discover stories embedded within its subtle, often unnoticed details. Join us for an exploration of the joomchi side of her art.

Evolving Canon: The Madonna in the Viceroyalty of Peru: Member Lecture with Jorge Rivas Perez

Jorge Rivas Perez, the Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator of Spanish Colonial Art, will share with members his curatorial insights on the New World department’s extensive collection of paintings depicting the Virgin Mary, either alone or with the Christ child, from the Viceroyalty of Peru that date from the late 1500s to the early 1800s. Holdings include two recently acquired paintings by Mateo Perez de Alesio and Pedro Diaz among others.

Month of Photography Lecture: Andrew Beckham

Andrew Beckham has been called a “visual poet” for his contemplative body of work that seeks to make sense of humanity’s place in nature. In his photography, the minutia of life has equal weight to the sublime vista. His juxtapositions of scale and visual associations elicit thoughts on both form and the psyche, and lend poignancy to the places and things he depicts. The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center presented an extensive mid-career retrospective of Beckham’s work, Firmament, in 2013 in conjunction with the publication of his monograph by George F. Thompson Books.

Month of Photography Lecture: Carol Golemboski

From photography’s earliest days, the medium has mingled science with magic. With scenes constructed from her personal cabinet of curiosities, Carol Golemboski’s work recalls this sense of amazement. Her hand-abraded negatives with additions of drawings and text evoke the fears and fascinations of womanhood and evince hazy memories that might be real and might not. Golemboski is Associate Professor and Area Head of Photography at the University of Colorado Denver. Her monograph, Psychometry, was published by Flash Powder Press in 2016.

Month of Photography Lecture: Gary Emrich

A fourth-generation Coloradan, Gary Emrich uses humor and pop-culture iconography to both celebrate and poke fun at the myths of the West in his art. Making what he calls “straight photographs in the studio,” Emrich constructs his images from found and collected materials that include family mementos, kitsch objects, and even throw-away packaging. Through his inventive recontextualizations, he addresses deeper concerns like water scarcity, the aerospace industry, and personal memories. Promise, an exhibition of Emrich’s recent work in photography and video, was featured at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in 2016.

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