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Anderman Photography Lecture Series: Penelope Umbrico

Penelope Umbrico uses elaborate conceptual strategies to create photographic artworks that quantify and question the ubiquity of electronic media and mass imaging in contemporary society. Without photographing the subjects named in the titles of her works, she searches photo-sharing websites, online classifieds, or stock photography sites and downloads a representative sample of the whole that she then combines into lively and colorful aggregations of snapshot-sized prints. While striking as a whole, the individual photographs that comprise the artwork are often interchangeable and point to both the democracy and conformity of human visual experience.

CultureHaus Lecture with Artist Stuart Semple

CultureHaus presents an exclusive artist experience with acclaimed British artist, Stuart Semple. On September 29th, meet us at the Denver Art Museum for cocktails, snacks, and an artist talk with Semple. This discussion will give attendees an in depth look into the artist's creative process, influences, and global art experience. Semple is creating a limited edition print available for purchase ($140) specifically to attendees and all proceeds will benefit the Denver Art Museum.

Curator's Circle: Shifting Forms: Ancient Inspirations in Contemporary Japanese Cermaic Art

What are the connections between ancient and contemporary Japanese ceramics?  In this lecture, Robert Yellin, noted author on Japanese ceramics, will present the sources of inspirations for many contemporary Japanese ceramic artists.  Focusing on Bizen and Shigaraki, Mr. Yellin will examine how these two old traditions have shaped the new visions and forms in contemporary Japanese ceramic art.

Get Up and Dance: The History of the Modern Powwow

Have you ever wondered about the origins and development of American Indian powwows? Dig deeper into aspects of American Indian dance with this talk by Professor Clyde Ellis. Drawn from his research among Southern Plains communities, he will explore the spirit of this unique cultural phenomenon which Ellis thinks is captured in the words of Kiowa singer Leonard Cozad, Sr. “This is a good way! Get up and dance”.

Clyde Ellis is professor of history at Elon University in North Carolina and author of “A Dancing People: Powwow Culture on the Southern Plains.” He has spent much of the past 25 years living and working in southwest Oklahoma conducting extensive fieldwork on boarding schools Christian missions, Native hymn traditions, and powwow culture.


Check-in at North Building, lower-level lobby.


Tickets are $5 for Friends of Native Arts members, $10 for DAM members, $12 others, free for students with ID.


Sponsored by Friends of Native Arts The Douglas Society, a DAM support group.

Glory of Venice: An Artistic Evolution

This four session course will take participants on an extraordinary exploration of the creativity of Venice spanning the mid-1400s to early 1800s, a time when artists forged a Renaissance style that was distinctly Venetian. In the first session, Angelica Daneo, Curator of Painting and Sculpture, will share her curatorial insights on the special exhibition Glory of Venice: Masterworks of the Renaissance which spans one of the most creative times in Venetian art history, when painters developed their own distinctive Renaissance style based on a sensitive understanding of the constructive and defining potential of light and color. In sessions 2 and 3, art historian Giulia Bernardini will lead an investigation into works of art and architecture from the fifteenth and sixteenth century that served to reinforce the civic and social cohesion so vital to maintaining Venice’s identity as La Serenissima (The Most Serene Republic).” In the final session, Molly Medakovich, Teaching Specialist for Adult Programs, will lead an exploration of Venice through the eyes of 18th-century artists.

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