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Lectures + Films

Anderman Photography Lecture Series: Alec Soth

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Photographer Alec Soth studies the habits and rituals of ordinary Americans, finding moments of self-absorption and vulnerability that are specific to the people he photographs, yet somehow common to human experience.



Anderman Photography Lecture Series: Kenneth Josephson

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Kenneth Josephson’s oeuvre spans the breadth between the humorous and the contemplative. Throughout, he makes incisive commentary on the act of photographing and our belief in the image that places his work at the vanguard of conceptual photography.

Screening of "William Matthews: Drawn to Paint" documentary

William Matthews: Drawn to Paint

2014, 50 Minute Running Time


Produced by Amie Knox

Co-directed by Amie Knox and Chad Herschberger


William Matthews - masterful watercolor painter, globe-traveler, passionate collector of friends, generous participant in life, and occasional screw-up, is the subject of our documentary. As a keen observer of the changing west, Willy has managed to poetically document the cowboys of Nevada, known as buckaroos, as well as the stunning landscapes they inhabit. The architecture of the west, whether functional or obsolete, has long intrigued him, and he is gravitationally drawn to certain man-made locations year after year to observe their changing relationship to the land and to himself. Willy’s great gift is that he is able to capture the particular spirit of a place or a person with a minimalist’s eye and an intensely human connection.

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